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Hitchman Fiduciaries: Experienced & Dedicated Trusteeship

At Hitchman Fiduciaries, our top priority is to honor our clients by carrying out their wishes as accurately and faithfully as possible. We are a team of professional, licensed fiduciaries dedicated to preserving your interests and taking away the burden of your concerns and anxiety at such a difficult time.

By hiring Hitchman Fiduciaries, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your requests will be observed and respected, allowing you to prevent unnecessary conflict among your family members. We are proud to receive attorney referrals from around the state of California for our experienced and compassionate trusteeship.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary takes on the responsibility of administering an individual's final trust by managing the estate, selling property, and settling assets according to their wishes. Professional fiduciaries are supervised by state law. In California, the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau — founded in 2006 under the Department of Consumer Affairs — is responsible to regulate and license professional fiduciaries in the state.

Every fiduciary is required to be licensed in order to carry out these duties. In order to receive this license, they must meet specific standards of education and experience in addition to passing a rigorous competency exam and background check. It is crucial that you work with a licensed individual in whom you can rely in order to ensure that your interests will be protected.

Our team receives many referrals from estate planning attorneys due to our reputation as honest, reliable professionals who are committed to faithfully carrying out the final wishes of our clients. We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard and will never compromise the trust that our clients place in us.

Call Hitchman Fiduciaries for guardianship you can trust!

At Hitchman Fiduciaries, we want to stand beside you as you make important decisions for your family's future. We are prepared to ensure that your wishes are observed to the fullest extent, giving you added peace of mind. No matter how difficult your situation may seem, we can come alongside you with professionalism and competence. Together, we can achieve your goals and afford you the confidence and tranquility you deserve.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us today. We are conveniently located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. Because of our years of experience, we thoroughly understand your situation and the challenges you may be facing. Don't wait: Call us today and learn how Hitchman Fiduciaries can make a difference for you.