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Celebrating the Spirit of Independence and Care at Silverado Memory Care

April 18, 2024

Celebrating the Spirit of Independence and Care at Silverado Memory Care

Yearly Awards For Excellence In Memory Care Since 2012

Silverado Memory Care in Los Angeles has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the best senior living care providers for 2024. Their awards in a similar vein go back every year for over a decade. This award is a testament to the dedicated staff at Silverado, who provide exceptional care and support, ensuring that residents like Rosemary live life to the fullest in a community that values dignity and respect. 

Rosemary's Journey: Embracing Independence with Compassionate Support 

Rosemary, a woman of strong Central European heritage, is one of the many residents who embody the spirit of independence at Silverado. Initially resistant to using a walker and preferring to lean on a friend for support, Rosemary adapted to using her walker after the staff encouraged her friend and her to personalize their walkers with decorations. This clever strategy not only promoted her independence but also ensured the safety of both Rosemary and her friend. 


Background and Resilience 

Rosemary's history is marked by personal challenges, including her experiences during Hitler's European tyrannical regime, which contributed to her paranoia and hallucinations in later years. Anyone familiar with the various types of dementia knows that memories and hallucinations become reality to the patient and requires understanding, patience and gentle reassurance. Despite these difficulties, Rosemary found a safe haven at Silverado after financial constraints and her son's passing made it necessary to move from her home. 

Nutritional and Psychological Care 

At Silverado, substantial improvements were made in Rosemary's overall well-being, thanks to personalized care plans that included better nutrition and attentive psychological support. These interventions were crucial in stabilizing her condition and enhancing her quality of life. 

Empathetic Management of Past Trauma 

Rosemary's moments of lucidity were deeply moving, including times when she expressed gratitude for the safety and care provided at Silverado. The staff's understanding of her need for independence and the complexities of her past trauma allowed them to manage her care with empathy and respect, always prioritizing her dignity. 

A Community Built on Care and Respect 

The recognition of Silverado Memory Care as a top senior living community reflects its commitment to changing how the world cares for people with memory impairing diseases. It is a place where past challenges are acknowledged, the present is embraced with compassionate care, and the future is approached with hope.