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Fur Real: True Stories About the Benefits of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) at Hitchman Fiduciaries

November 29, 2019

Fur Real: True Stories About the Benefits of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) at Hitchman Fiduciaries

Recently we shared some important information about flying with Emotional Support Animals and thought it would be a great time to share some real life examples from our own Hitchman Team about how valuable Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are in our lives and the lives of the clients we serve.

At Hitchman Fiduciaries, we see the power of friendly pets and the emotional support they provide every day. Let’s face it. Many times, when potential clients walk through our fiduciary doors, they are experiencing a significant change in their lives or the lives of their loved ones. 

One example is Alan, a sixty-year old mildly developmentally delayed man who had been a victim of financial abuse at the hands of a relative after his mother passed. The family home where he resided all his life was sold out from under him and the funds absconded. Clearly, he was nervous coming into our office with his brother but as soon as he spotted our office dog Ducky, he ran over to the dog bed and sat down on the floor with him. Lee Ann scooped up Ducky and put him in Alan’s lap while they talked at the conference table. Ducky, through his emotional support, provided comfort to Alan at a difficult time of life. 

Another example of the positive impact an emotional support dog can have on one’s life is Jennifer, the beneficiary of a special needs trust administered by Hitchman Fiduciaries. This time, our beloved Ducky left the office to go “out in the field” to meet Jennifer in her time of need.

Jennifer has bipolar disorder and she experiences frequent mood swings. The low periods manifest in bouts of rage--screaming, infliction of self-harm, and inappropriate social interactions. Recently, Jennifer misplaced her customized prepaid financial card provided by the trust for the third time in six months, triggering a burst of anger. Jennifer began crying hysterically at the checkout and hitting her head with her fists. The store personnel were quite alarmed. Fortunately, Jennifer had the presence of mind to call Hitchman Fiduciaries’ office. One of the fiduciaries answered her call and realized how serious the situation was, as the store was forcing Jennifer to leave. The fiduciary immediately jumped into her car and drove to the scene to deliver a replacement card, in the hopes of mitigating some of Jennifer’s frustration. The fiduciary also brought the office dog, Ducky.

The two met at a strip mall, where Jennifer was handed the card and then insisted the fiduciary and she visit the store to make sure the card worked. It did work and the transaction completed but Jennifer was still visibly shaken. The fiduciary asked Jennifer to come to her car where Ducky’s snout just happened to be sticking out the cracked window (note that it was winter in California and cold enough to leave Ducky in the car for 10 minutes). Immediately, Jennifer’s mood changed and her words started coming out in a baby-toned voice. Ducky was placed in Jennifer’s arms and the two snuggled for a solid 10 minutes. Jennifer was able to calmly express her frustration about losing the card and Ducky quietly sat and listened. Thanks to Ducky, Jennifer was able to release some of the anger she felt…just by being her temporary emotional support companion.

These examples are just two of many on the positive impact an emotional support animal can have, whether it be a temporary reprieve in a moment of stress or a whether it’s a companion for life. Our family dogs bring us comfort, stress-relief, and pure joy, and we are proud to be a pet-friendly office where they can be with us and help our clients in real ways every day.

Because of our years of experience, we understand your situation and the challenges you may be facing. No matter how difficult your situation may seem, we have experience you can trust and we help you reduce the burden you may be facing. Together, we can help with important decision-making and give you greater peace of mind. We’d love for you to come visit us and our friendly dogs in our office in Newport Beach, CA, where you will be greeted with warm smiles and wagging tails. 

If you have any questions at all or want to learn more, don't hesitate to call us today at 949.200.9712 and someone from our team will get in touch within 24 hours.

Author: Lee Ann Hitchman, CLPF/MBA and Licensed Professional Fiduciary